General Motors Power Signal Distribution Systems Component Validation Engineer - ENG0037708 in Warren, Michigan

The primary responsibility of the CVE is to ensure that validation is rigorously completed on-time with excellence.

The CVE is the voice of component validation for his/her assigned Program Validation Team and the SMT.

Optimize a comprehensive and detailed plan to develop and validate the assigned component to its technical requirements.

  • GM internal planning:

  • Modify/update component specific Appendix G2, review with TIE, and upload to eSOR

  • Attend supplier tech reviews and communicate specific ADVP&R requirements.
  • Review and approve final supplier ADVP&R
  • Support definition of the GMW3172 Code for SSTS/CTS Sections 3 & 4
  • Support CTS/SSTS/FTS peer review.
  • Define validation requirements for SSTS/CTS Section 4 including VCRI.
  • CVE to support kickoff meeting with SME for CG2999

Ensure validation is completed on-time with excellence

  • Internal to GM

  • Track the execution of component software and hardware validation and facilitate approval with SMEs

  • CVE to update component scorecard weekly by noon on Fridays.
  • Verbally communicates program status to VVE where a change in status occurs
  • Document test failures via PRTS or ESIMS.
  • Support the TIE with Closed Loop Learning process for PRTS closure.
  • CVE supports 5-phase creation for validation issues as needed
  • Signs off on EWOs/TWOs at appropriate stages
  • Escalates issues to validation leadership
  • Issues PRRs to suppliers or supports SQE to issue PRR
  • Evaluate impacts to program team change requests (CR/DN)
  • Evaluate impacts to Synergy CRs.
  • Participate in the CG3000 (Software Change Description) reviews as needed
  • Supports storage of FMVSS documentation
  • Tracks compliance to Cyber security initiatives.
  • Confirm TALC approvals with DRE.
  • CVE to confirm with DRE for completion of AVSS as necessary.
  • System safety testing
  • Serial data and Diagnostics
  • Reviews and approves deviation EWOs with CVE Manager.
  • CVE supports PPAP sign-off by signing validation approval.
  • Facilitate validation coordination meeting with supplier validation representatives.

Other responsibilities in support of programs and SMT:

  • Actively participates in all aspects of the DREs PDT.
  • Support program team meetings as needed
  • Support design peer reviews, HVF activities and wiring WHAs per program timing.
  • Support DRBFM
  • Support component DRBTR with supplier
  • Attend vehicle level DRBTR events as needed
  • CVE supports DFMEA meetings

  • Bachelors of Science in Engineering

  • At least 5 years of experience in automotive design and/or validation of BECs, Battery cables and wiring.
  • High level of oral and written communication skills
  • High level of organizational skills - Able to manage multiple projects across multiple programs.
  • Able to work within a team of engineers and communicate issues and testing results effectively
  • Understanding of engineering theory and principles of operation of mechanical/electrical mechanisms.
  • Demonstrated technical and professional skills in job-related area.
  • Exhibits appropriate interpersonal styles, teamwork skills, and communication methods to work effectively with cross-functional and cross-cultural business partners to meet mutual goals
  • Specific knowledge of engineering discipline (e.g. mechanics, physics, metallurgy, manufacturing methods)within job-related area
  • High level analytical ability where problems are unusual and complex
  • Ability to multitask by handling diverse assignments concurrently


  • DFSS Black Belt