General Motors ECU Software Installation Application Engineer - ENG0037754 in Warren, Michigan


The ECU Software Installation Application Engineer will be responsible for integrating both hardware and software requirements for flash programming into component technical specifications for ECUs connected to the public networks within the vehicle’s electrical architecture. The requirements will be applied to network members (ECUs) in all functional domains. Requirements must comprehend but are not limited to microcontroller, memory, security, and regulatory to execute an optimum, robust, time efficient programming session. The individual in this role will work with Product Engineering to review technical designs during sourcing to assess how well the proposed design will perform during programming and offer alternative solutions when necessary to fill the design gaps.


  • Develop a set of enablers to provide implementers a set of alternatives that meet programming requirements.
  • Integrate the on-board programming tool, software installer, and appropriate programming sequence requirements into the component technical specifications used for sourcing ECUs that must support flash programming.
  • Evaluate ECUs’ programming capabilities before/during ECU sourcing and pre-production. When necessary provide design improvement suggestions in order for design to satisfy programming requirements.
  • Configure the variable programming parameters to achieve a robust, time efficient programming session.
  • Comprehend current and future ECU programming and configuration strategies, electrical architectures, network types, and cybersecurity practices.


  • 5+ years of Engineering experieince
  • Experience developing and releasing ECU requirements ranging in technical complexity for a variety of microcontrollers, communication protocols (CAN and/or Ethernet), and diagnostic services (GMW3110 or ISO14229).
  • Knowledge of serial data transport layer alternatives, data compression, and memory segmentation.
  • Proficiency with IBM Rational DOORs and Team Concert, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Strong communication, collaboration, and project planning skills.
  • Greenbelt in DFSS.
  • Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or Computer Science.


  • Experience writing, debugging, and installing ECU Software Installation routines in automotive electrical system ECUs.
  • Experience developing requirements, implementations, for engineering/assembly/service tools used for programming automotive electrical system ECUs.
  • Knowledge of CAN FD, FlexRay, and MOST automotive serial data communication protocols.
  • Blackbelt in DFSS.
  • Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or Computer Science.