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Tyler Technologies, Inc. Sr. Scrum Master in Troy, Michigan

divdivdivdivdivdivdivdivdivdivdivdiv/div/div/divspan class="bold"Sr. Scrum Master/spandivdivdivDo you want to lead efforts creating software that supports first responder safety and day-to-day operations for Law Enforcement and Fire agencies? The Scrum Master position suits individuals who thrive in dynamic, collaborative environments that provide a significant opportunity for knowledge and career growth. The Public Safety Enterprise Records team is a group of passionate, thought-leading technologists who engage with end-users regularly to craft best-in-breed Public Safety software./divdiv/div/div/divThe Scrum Master is expected to enable the team, or group of teams, to keep focused utilizing the ideas and practices from the Scrum Framework while maintaining an understanding of business objectives and priority. The Enterprise Records team works in a fast-paced environment to support growing business objectives with a high degree of accountability. The Scrum Master directly contributes to this effort by championing the project and facilitating communication and collaboration between a larger Product team that includes QA and Product Management and Organizational Leadership functions. Candidates will be expected to be able to work with teams in various stages of the forming, storming, norming, and performing stages of teams.divspan class="bold"Location/spanTroy, Michigan/divdivspan class="bold"Travel/span0-5%/divdivspan class="bold"Responsibilities/spanulliGuide the Scrum team on how to use Agile practices and values to be productive and effective/liliBring new ideas and approaches to the team, specifically related to Agile best practices/liliCoach the Scrum team to be self-organized/liliRemove impediments or guide the team to remove impediments by finding the right personnel in Product, Development or QA and Leadership/liliFocus on the working methods, tools and team performance to communicate team health/liliCreate Content and lead Agile Communities of Practice sessions/liliBuild a trusting, safe, and judgment-free environment that enables collaboration and problem-solving/liliFacilitate Sprint Ceremonies, discussions, decision making, and conflict resolution/liliFacilitate getting work done without dictating the work/liliCoordinate effectively across local and remote team members/liliSupport and educating the Product Owner on grooming and maintaining a product backlog/liliAssist with internal and external communication, improving transparency and sharing of information/liliClearly communicate ideas between Product, Development and QA and Leadership/liliEmbrace learning, excited by challenges and maintains a growth mindset to gain expertise and grow in the position./li/ulThe Scrum Master must be able to:ulliLead with purpose to inspire, motivate, and positively impact the work of the Scrum team/liliPossess a strong and diverse understanding of Agile and Scrum, including Scaled Agile/liliAble to confidently provide guidance, coaching, support, and facilitation, and help remove any obstacles that teams may encounter along the way/liliComfortable and effective at being a Scrum Master for two development teams/liliShow passion and excitement around Agile processes, Scaled Agile and growing an Agile Community of Practice/liliBe patient, persistent, enthusiastic, assertive, transparent, and situationally aware/liliGain fulfillment in the building of technologyrod