Munson Medical Center MPI/Data Integrity Specialist in Traverse City, Michigan


High School graduate or GED equivalent is required.

Associate's degree preferred or two years of advanced education and an additional year of experience is required.

Requires customer relation’s seminar, i.e. dealing with difficult people.

Successful completion of a Medical Terminology class is required.

Two years in medical records required at Munson Medical Center (at a level 3).

Previous experience handling multiple telephone calls and filing systems

Previous experience in the following software applications: GroupWise, Microsoft Office – Advanced classes, Basic Access (census, ROI & data reporting), Chart tracking/deficiency system, Transcription and dictation system, Powerchart, Sunquest Lab, STAR Radiology, STAR MPI Scan Trax Information Release System, Electronic Birth Certificate.


Ability to apply JCAHO requirements, HCFA regulations, HIPAA regulations, Medical Staff Rules and Regulations, and department procedures when reviewing a medical record to identify deficiencies that could jeopardize hospital certification, legal and/or financial status.

Ability to work at a pace that achieves both a high quality and quantity of product.

Ability to solve problems effectively and independently.

Ability to use effective written skills to document issues and/or resolutions.

Ability to effectively communicate and listen in a tactful and understanding manner.

Ability to type 40 words per minute.

Ability to handle any combination of analytic functions.

Ability to work without supervision.

Ability to work as a team leader and toward team goals.

No managerial responsibilities, but acts on behalf of the coordinator in his/her absence. Assists with the training/mentoring of new employees.

Assists with the completion of the new hires orientation.


Master Patient Index:

  1. Identify potential duplicate patients in the Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), which consists of the patients contained in the Corporate MPI for the affiliated hospitals, Physician Offices and other facilities such as the Surgery Center.

  2. Perform and verify the necessary systematic combines/merges of duplicate patients in the appropriate different systems, based on specific criteria for appropriate information flow to other downstream systems.

  3. Move records as needed and/or communicate to the appropriate site, the need to consolidate their physical records and/or correct their computer systems. Take appropriate actions to prevent risk to patient care when unable to systematically combine/merge patients due to system limitations.

  4. Process Personnel combines in the correct manner with knowledge of when to combine and when to not to combine these type of entries.

  5. Identify and perform any necessary systems corrections for people added to the MPI from various unauthenticated sources and for changes to data elements used for patient matching such as name, date of birth, gender and social security number. Notify other sites that also share the same patient, so that their databases can be updated.

  6. Identify and perform any necessary systems corrections for Overwrites of patient information by multiple sources: Encompass entries, Guarantor Overwrites, Patient Overwrites and Overwrites from outside MPI’s that interface to EMPI. Notify the source of the overwrite, so that information can be verified, corrected in their data base if outside and/or educate staff to prevent further errors.

7.Monitor and correct alias information on Power Chart so that correct data match can be made at both the patient and visit level.

  1. Verify Patient Merge and Autoreconcile reports to verify that correct patient combines, autoreconciles or unauth pseudo matches have been completed correctly.

  2. Set visit security levels upon request by outside site or Security Officer through STAR and Power Chart.

  3. Enter date of deaths captured from outside physician offices and upon request of others.

  4. Enter maiden names into STAR from reports generated from the Electronic Birth Certificate System.

  5. Process Unidentified Patients by combining patients in various systems, also required to check the patient out of the First Net system.

  6. Verify accuracy of MPI after a down time situation depending on which system was down, which could involve combining patients in various systems that were created during the down time period.

Date Integrity:

  1. Identifying and facilitation correction/notification of Powerchart form documentation errors.

  2. When the situation permits, move incorrectly charted Powerchart documentation, through a series of PC combination, resending of visit info in STAR and using PC person managemengt to recreate encounters.

  3. Monitor a series of reports and interface messages to verify that data has posted to the tp correct patient and encounter or not posted to PC. Identify problems and facilitate/communication needed corrections.

  4. Monitor and move documentation, based on JCAHO timeframes, waiting for registrations or registrations that have been canceled to see if they have been registered or reregistered.

  5. Update in Profile physician deficiencies based on document movement to insure that report completion status is accurate.