Epitec, Inc. IT Strategic Portfolio Management (Job Code: 1042) in Southfield, Michigan

Responsible for business relationshiportfolio management with respect to strategic planning for solutions to enable suppliers to collaborate with clients in the area of CAD/PDM and Systems Engineering; responsible for strategic planning regarding Process Driven Product Design, closing the design loop by leveraging manufacturing analysis upfront in the PD process; participating in strategy development; interpreting business requirements, recognizing impact on business processes, and making recommendations; responsible for IT Cycle and Business Planning; developing new techniques and capabilities with CATIA, TeamCenter and PDM tools; work closely to process deliverable using GPDS (Global Product Development System); support global supplier relationship management; create and maintain website using SharePoint; creating and publishing newsletter using Microsoft publisher; utilize CATIA, TeamCenter, PDM tools, Syncrofit, Active work space, SharePoint 2010 and 2016, and CAMtasia to perform duties; work on Proof of Concept for introducing new manufacturing IT tools; support database migration and IT Application mapping through various product development stages; work with SME (Subject Matter Experts) from different teams in Product Development for IT applications consumption cost reduction; create a Knowledge base for new tools specifically for PD IT team; and developing scenarios to help business reach decisions on tools functionality and processes.Location: Southfield, MI and multiple undetermined worksites throughout the U.S.Salary: $81,120 per year;Education: Masters – Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Computer Science, or in a related field of study (will accept equivalent foreign degree);Training: NoneExperience: Two (2) years in the position above, as a Mechanical Design Engineer, as a CAD-PDM Support/Application Engineer, or in a related occupation;