Epitec, Inc. Data Scientist (Job Code: 1080) in Southfield, Michigan

table width="624"tbodytrtd width="493"Responsible for developing analytics solution, performing machine learning algorithm to solve business problem in urbane mobility field; collaborate with IT teams to support data collection, integration, and retention requirements based on the input collected with the business; act as the data steward to ensure that all information utilized adheres to compliance, access management, and control policies as set forth by GDIA; provide on-going tracking and monitoring of performance of decision systems and statistical models; utilize Python, R, C ++, Matlab, SQL, object oriented programming, machine learning algorithm, big data technique, data governance practices, data management standards and large-scale industrial optimization solving techniques to perform duties; solve client analytics problems and communicates results and methodologies; work in iterative processes with the client and validates findings; perform modeling and framing of business scenarios that are meaningful and which impact on critical business processes; use experimental design approaches to validating findings or testing hypothesis which provide business value.Location: Southfield, MI and multiple undetermined worksites throughout the U.S.Salary: $126,609 per year;/td/trtrtd width="493"Education: Masters – Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Technology, Engineering Systems, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or in a related field of study (will accept equivalent foreign degree);Training: NoneExperience: Two (2) years in the position above, as a Data Miner, as a Data Research Scientist, Data Analyst, or in a related occupation;/td/tr/tbody/table