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Holy Childhood Parish - Catholic Communities Thrift Store E-Commerce Specialist in Harbor Springs, Michigan

h2Commerce Agent/h2Category:Parish PositionHoly Childhood (Catholic Communities of Lrsquo;Arbre Croche)Status:Full Timediv class="emp-descr"Description:The purpose of the eCommerce Associate is to effectively generate revenue and to maximize traffic to our website, a href="http://www.NewBeginningsResale.com" target="_blank" rel="noopener"www.NewBeginningsResale.com/a through product listings, SEO keyword generation and focus, and proactively maintaining our inventory online through various eCommerce sales channels.General Duties:Listing:ulliCreating various detailed descriptions for items that are deemed of resale value on our website, New Beginnings Resale.com/liliCreating various detailed descriptions for items that are deemed of resale value through various online eCommerce sales channels./liliCreating accurate and effective listings through the proper use of grammar, spelling, product condition, and other various attributes that present our product in the most professional manner possible./liliCreating listings with a focus on SEO keywords and meta-words that effectively drive traffic to our web page through Google searches./liliuploading products to all marketplaces using product templates, images, descriptions/lilimonitoring competitive listings, pricing, and brand image across multiple marketplaces and implementing strategy to improve them/liliidentifying and resolving product listing issues: product details, descriptions, performance, measurements, images/lilioptimize existing product listings using basic knowledge of keyword research, image enhancement/li/ulCustomer Service:ulliDelivering the ldquo;WOW factorrdquo; consistently and effectively when dealing with customer service issues, questions, or concerns./liliConstantly creating ldquo;raving fansrdquo; through consistent feedback by e-mail, phone, or other forms of communication in a timely manner to all of our online customers./liliDo whatever is necessary to suffice our customer needs and expectations./liliEffectively responding and taking responsibility for all customer RMArsquo;s and/or returns of products sold through positive feedback by e-mail, text, phone, or any other means of communication./liliEffectively troubleshoot and answer customer questions in regards to products sold or listed./liliTo follow-through and live by commitments made to customers in regards to any returns, refunds, exchanges or any other promises made./li/ulProduct Knowledge:ulliAbility to research, identify, and effectively price product through online references such as Google, Terapeak, eBay, and any other tool online./liliThrough working with Inventory control, assisting in the process of sorting, preparing, and capturing basic product info for effective online sales of various products and maximizing efficiency/li/ulInventory:ulliBy working with the New Beginnings Resale Manager, help create reports to better identify resale product and to maximize our revenue through decision-making on whether items should be sold online or in store./liliBy working with the New Beginnings Resale Manager and processing staff, help create a steady stream of products that can be sold online to satisfy companywide cash-flow efforts./li/ulCulture and Team-Work:/stron