Spectrum Health Advisor, Advanced Analytics – Content Management in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Facility: Priority Health - GRAND RAPIDS, MI

Department: Ph-Advanced Analytics

Category: Leadership/Management

Classification: Full-time with Benefits (A1)

Act as the lead product owner, solution architect, and senior project specialist to coordinate projects for clinical, provider and/or analytical support for designated medical and provider departments. Develop strong knowledge of clinical and provider data architecture, capabilities, and business acumen to support clinical and provider business leaders in understanding provider and member behavior, financial and clinical drivers. Be responsible for intake and triage on behalf of designated medical and provider departments and translating data and reports to actionable recommendations supporting trend and medical management. Assist the Director AA and Manager AA leaders and medical/provider key stakeholders in identifying data-driven insights, monitoring key performance indicators to support development of key cost savings and clinical outcomes improvement strategies.

In Scope Expectations:

  • Build a strong relationship with clinical, provider & actuarial business leaders to understand and anticipate their needs in order to design & glean data insights, solutions, and tools and compile information to help inform key decision making.

  • Routinely review financial, clinical and provider performance for the designated medical/provider departments to identify important trends and communicate risks and opportunities for clinical and provider business leaders and other key stakeholders in a timely manner.

  • Triage 100% new requests and monitor actual key performance indicators compared to expected (in budget, pricing, trend) for medical and provider leaders, with further understanding at product, region, network and population level as appropriate.

  • Oversee analytic operations-based work for a dedicated content domain.

  • Assist in development of action plan to help achieve or exceed targeted financial results.

  • Lead analytical projects as a product owner, solutions architect, SME on behalf of a designated medical/provider/actuarial leader

Additional role based functions include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate a group of related projects with the goal of completing projects on time and efficiently through the balancing of resources across the program and other programs within the department and on behalf of medical and provider leaders.

  • Serve as the intake process and liaison to a dedicated medical/provider partner

  • Recommend solution to business owner based on business problem and requirements. Solution considers project constraints of time and resources and may thus propose both short and long term options.

  • Responsible for understanding the overall medical/provider needs and requirements across stakeholders and translating them to the doers.

  • Responsible for quality of deliverables.

Basic Qualifications:

Education - Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in analytics, biostatistics, economics, math, or other relatedfield

Experience - 15 years of experience typically gained through skills/knowledge/abilities in as a financial or data analyst in health care orwith health plans

Preferred Qualifications:

Education - Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in analytics, biostatistics, economics, math, or other relatedfield

Spectrum Health grants equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, genetic information, marital status, height, weight, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other legally protected category.