V2soft Inc. Customer Solutions Analyst in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Bspan style="color:black"span style="font-size:12.0pt"BASIC PURPOSE OF POSITION:/span/span/B span style="font-size:12.0pt"This position will provide day-to-day support to automotive OEMs and other key customers from an operational and project point of view. Primary duties include: /span span style="font-size:12.0pt"/span lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Responsible for development and delivery of demonstrations to customers./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Act as first level of response for customer(s) for any issues/questions that may arise on active projects./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Develop a thorough understanding of functionality to be able to respond to most inquiries, or be able to understand issue well enough to work in conjunction with Product Management team to determine an answer; this includes being able to break down inquiries into smaller pieces, or stories, in order to determine the product(s) affected./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Work with customer to brainstorm solutions to address business problems that will work in conjunction with the customer#39;s technical capabilities and constraints./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Communicate technical solutions in terms understood by business contacts./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Clearly convey customer requirements to Product Management teams and schedule work as appropriate./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Participate in customer meetings as needed./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Develop mechanisms necessary to communicate, in a consistent manner, the status of relationships, projects, and issues to RouteOne leadership team./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Identify issues and opportunities for customer(s) that RouteOne can solve using RouteOne products and/or services. /span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Work with RouteOne leadership team to formulate action plans to both create value for the customer and address opportunities./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Maintain safety, security, and privacy standards throughout all areas of responsibility./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Assist other members of the RouteOne team, as needed, to accomplish the customer requirements./span/li /ul span style="font-size:12.0pt"This position will work closely with all of RouteOne#39;s internal teams to identify key requirements and collaborate on the tactical development of RouteOne systems and services for OEM partners, as well as other key customers. /span span style="font-size:12.0pt"This position requires the ability to act in a collaborative role, have exceptional communication skills, a cool, calm demeanor that can focus and direct solutions to problems, strong analytic abilities that allow clear, precise definition of the business processes and functionality required, and an exceptional attention to detail and follow-through./span Bspan style="color:black"span style="font-size:12.0pt"ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE POSITION:/span/span/B lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Prior experience in a fast-paced, customer-focused organization with proven experience in significant, complex implementation projects./span/li lispan style="font-size:12.0pt"Exceptional group presentation skills and fluent in MS PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. /span/li lispan sty