VIVA USA Inc Citrix Cloud Architect/InfSolArc4 in Dimondale, Michigan

Req Ref No: SKM21ID-8 Location: Dimondale, MI Duration: 13.0 months



Years of Experience:

10-12 years of experience.

Advanced experience in architecting infrastructure solutions including proven experience with infrastructure integration.

Citrix team is in need of an individual for staff augmentation with the necessary skillset to act as the team’s architect. This individual will be assigned duties including, but not limited to, capacity planning, future design, Netscaler configuration, and overall environment configuration to maintain efficient, reliable, and secure operations that align with industry best practices as closely as possible.

Resource Tasks:

Capacity planning to ensure a reliable and efficient environment. Provide detailed auditing of all tasks executed on all servers and appliances. Configure the environment to maintain a high level of security and compliance with all the regulatory bodies. Configure solution according to standards to ensure proper operations. Configure and maintain Citrix Netscalers to ensure reliable communication and compliance with all applicable security regulations.


Validate current environment configuration. Issue This is to ensure proper operations. Following industry best practices as well as current client standards will help to ensure the environment is reliable, efficient, and secure.

Task : 2.

Validate current Netscaler configuration.

Issue The Citrix team implemented new Citrix Netscaler technology to increase capabilities and security as well as conform to the virtual first policy. The implementation was performed primarily by specialists provided by Citrix and now the task of maintaining these devices has fallen to staff with limited knowledge and experience with them.

Task: 3

Capacity planning. Issue With the user base of the environment constantly changing, this resource will need to suggest changes to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers while not oversizing the environment and wasting resources. This will allow us to keep our rates as low as possible.

Task 4. Maintain a high level of security and compliance with all related regulatory bodies. Issue Recommend patches, either Windows or Citrix related, that will keep the environment secure and up to current SOM and industry standards. Also stay abreast of any new security features, tools, or practices that will help achieve this goal.

Task 5.

Maintain documentation regarding design and configuration. Issue There is currently a severe lack of documentation regarding the design and configuration of much of the environment. Day to day operation procedures are fairly well documented, but turnover in this position has left little in the form of usable, up to date, design and configuration information. This individual would be tasked with gathering what there is and updating or creating new as needed.

Task 6. Assist team with day to day operations as able.

Issue This team currently consists of four state employees. They maintain the infrastructure that handles a multitude of applications for approximately 6500 users across several state agencies. This resource would help alleviate some of the pressure from them and free up time to allow them to perform more of the maintenance tasks that they have less and less time to perform. It will also afford them time to continue their education on the Citrix technology.


Citrix Certified Expert - Virtualization / CCE-V - Desired - 5 Years Citrix Certified Professional - Network / CCP-N - Desired - 3 Years Configure and maintain Citrix Netscalers - Required - 3 Years Demonstrated experience leading, overseeing day to day operations for subordinate team members - within a similar environment (as described on JD). - Required - 3 Years Create and maintain documentation regarding Citrix environment design and configuration. - Required - 5 Years

VIVA is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants have an equal opportunity for placement, and all employees have an equal opportunity to develop on the job. This means that VIVA will not discriminate against any employee or qualified applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.