Comerica Management Co Inc. UX Web Designer Vice President Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Internal Ref: 5000326591406Job Description•Responsibilities include assisting in User research and analysis in collaboration with UX architects that typically lead specific initiatives.•The role will be expected to help in identifying user personas, journey maps and evaluate heuristic principles for a proposed solution under the direction and support of a UX architect.•The role is expected to partner with development teams, business stakeholders and extended stakeholders in larger programs in a most collaborative manner to produce delightful results for our customers.•Develops scalable UX design for web and mobile interfaces based on the nature of the initiatives•The role is expected to have development skills using UX development frameworks (Angular.js), Javascript libraries and other new innovative technologies in the user experience design areas. This role will also assume the role a development lead on innovation efforts that are carefully identified. A general experience around using digital experience open source platform such as Liferay is preferable.•This role should be adept at learning skillsets around full stack development such as REST API end points to core back end systems especially on the innovation front.•Previous experience designing Artificial Intelligence experiences such as chatbots, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Google Home etc would be preferable.•Partner with development teams to assist in defining the HTML5 and CSS standards for Comerica applications in line with the Comerica visual design style guide patterns.•Works with development teams to implement libraries and patterns in the most efficient and scalable manner possible based on industry standards.•Assists in code reviews.•Encourages atomized design principles.•The role will have direct delivery responsibilities within a project to Design/Develop LoFi prototypes to illustrate the opportunities to reuse patterns.•The role will be expected to operate in an agile delivery environment and assist in critical delivery of transformative initiatives.•The role should also aspire to grow into a user experience evangelist within Comerica to ensure our vision for creating delightful customer experiences for internal and external customers as applicable.•It is expected that the resource has fundamental skillset in using Axzure, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tools to create prototypes, experiences to ideate using a design thinking process in different forums and project requirements.•Finally, we expect the role to be involved in innovation efforts resulting in POCs on technologies that are futuristic and expect to have a great appetite in learning new skills and perspectives around experience design.•Additionally previous experience in the banking industry domain would be preferable but not a must.•2 - 3 years of experience designing and developing experiences is preferable but not a must.Qualifications•Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university and 5 years of experience in UX/IA field or 9 years of UX/IA experience•5 years of experience organizing interactive information systems•5 years of experience within large enterprises, showing both patience and resilience to affect change•5 years of experience in user-centric design and design thinking, coupled with the ability to explain how to approach design•5 years of experience utilizing UX skills in the areas of user research, personas, workflows, wireframes and prototypes•5 years of experience visualizing ideas with simple tools such as markers, sticky notes and a whiteboard as well as t